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Paul is an independent, licensed and certified Health and Life Insurance Agent/Advisor. His company, Boomerang Health Insurance, is based in Nashville, TN but can assist you with healthcare options/plans in most of the USA.


As an independent advisor, and not working for a particular company, Paul is able to view and shop ALL the insurance plans in your state.  


The boomerang is traditionally associated with indigenous Australians, even though there is archaeological evidence to show that it was also used in Africa, Europe, and North America. Paul spent 27 years of his life living in Australia and wanted to use the boomerang to honor the Aboriginal people of Australia, and to potentially create a talking point to discuss their story and culture. 


Paul is also a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and spent the last 24 years touring the world. He has a genuine ability to connect people of all ages and he is now using these skills, along with his qualifications and training, to provide guidance to people in the USA seeking new or better health coverage. 


Send Paul an email and let’s see how Boomerang Health Insurance can help guide you to health coverage customized to meet your needs. 



Tel: (615) 378-7188

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